Vote for the Worst Toys of 2010


Will it be the faux nail salon or the mini Computer workstation? The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is inviting you to vote for which of their five top picks for a “TOADY” award–that’s Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young Children. It’s a tough choice among some outstanding candidates.

Their choices reveal the organization’s biases–the TOADY nominees are toys that promote or either more media time for kids (that would be the mini computer work station, which, as CCFS says, “keeps tots’ eyes glued firmly on the 19-inch flat screen monitor by eliminating pesky distractions, like the outside world”) or a too-mature image (the Barbie Doll’d Up Nail Printer–which actually prints designs directly on your kids’ nails). Personally, I wouldn’t have skipped some of the fantastic nominees for Worst Toy Ever offered by Cole Gamble on Babble (like the Super Soaker Oozonator, which shoots slime rather than water), and I don’t really see any problem with a DVD projector–sure, there are better things to do outside, but isn’t there some fun to be had in a family “Drive-In” movie night?–but other nominees (and the accompanying snark) were priceless. Plus, if you vote, you might win what they call a “decidedly non-TOADY toy.”
Check out the nominees and vote on the CCFC 2010 TOADY Award page. Me, I had to go with the nail printer–which, on top of offering to print Barbie’s image on the tips of each of your child’s dainty little piggies, apparently (at least according to the Amazon reviews) really sucks. Massive disappointed child tantrum, free in box! Sign me up.

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