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Jenny Medlen is one of Babble's Moms with Clout

Babble’s Moms with Clout contest has begun. You can check out all the cool, influential moms who’ve been nominated. Once you’ve read their amazing bios, vote for the mom you think should win an iPad 2. The vote will be shared on your Facebook wall to spread the word. (Please note that deleting the post from your wall will also remove your vote from our tally.)

Will you pick Jenny Medlen because she has pink hair, newborn triplets and a great attitude? Or Sarah Stewart Holland, with her Southern charm and warmth? Or maybe Nicole, who’s expecting her 3rd baby?

Each of these moms with clout has something unique to offer. I’m sure each one would put that iPad 2 to great use.

What is clout, anyway? According to the dictionary, it’s influence or power, especially in business or politics. It’s the ability to influence people, whether you’re carrying them along toward your vision of a better world or becoming an ambassador for a brand. A lot of moms with clout use their power for both: they’re bloggers, activists and businesswomen all at once.

We all know moms have clout: readers know it, advertisers know it, even the mainstream media are starting to catch on. The New York Times ran a piece this week on the power of the mighty mom blogger. Mom bloggers have so much influence because readers pay attention to them. Over time, bloggers build up personal connections with their readers. When a mom blogger speaks up about something she cares about, we feel like we’re talking to a friend, not a stranger.

Who has clout in your world, online or off? Who will you vote for in Babble’s clout contest?

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