Wanna Feel Old? Check Out This Video of a Teen Holding an LP for the First Time

Athena Meets a Record For the First Time

Watching this YouTube video (via BuzzFeed) is a rude awaking to the simple fact that we’re getting old. Really old.

In this clip a father presents his 13-year-old daughter Athena with a vinyl LP, an object that she has apparently never encountered before. She was confused, puzzled and was oddly surprised by the largeness of this music format. She didn’t understand why it is so big, how it plays music and the fragility of vinyl.

For me, well it just makes me sad (and old)… I grew up surrounded by records. My father runs a vinyl only record store, we scoffed at CDs, rolled our eyes at tapes and I still – in this day of downloadable music – play my large collection of LPs regularly. My young daughter? This won’t be her when she is thirteen. Her grandpa was so keen on her getting a taste of vinyl that he gave her her first record player at the age of two. But I wonder how many of your kids will be just as surprised when they meet a record for the first time.

You can check the wonder that Athena has when meeting a record for the first time right here, and sorry for making you feel older than you already do!


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