Wanna See Michelle Obama Do The Running Man? [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama gets down for the Move Your Body campaign

When it comes to her “Move Your Body” message, First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t just talking the talk. She’s dancing the dance, too.  First, she enlisted Beyoncé to do a “Move Your Body” song and video, specifically designed to get kids’ hearts pumping. Then,  at a middle school in Washington DC, Mrs. Obama demonstrated her mastery of the moves therein.

Think back on the First Ladies of our past…could you ever imagine Laura Bush or Hillary getting down like this in public (or for that matter, even in private?). I love that Michelle Obama is a  real person and not just a cardboard cutout. Take this comment from a site that posted the video: “Seeing all those little girls on the field dancing along makes me so happy. How wonderful it must be to be a little girl right now, with First Lady Michelle as a role model. Heck, it’s pretty wonderful for us not-so-little girls.”

She even does the Dougie.

The “Move Your Body” Campaign has its critics, as studies have shown that diet is actually more important than exercise when it comes to obesity prevention.  Exercise alone may not be enough to control childhood obesity. It’s an epidemic that’s going to require more than one solution. But exercise is important for other reasons: physical health, stress relief, self-esteem. And I am of the belief that dancing is just straight up good for the soul. I’m glad our First Lady seems to share that sentiment.

But another commenter pointed out that her daughters might not be quite as on board with their mom’s expression:

“Somewhere, Sasha and Malia are going, “MOM. STOP.”

Some things transcend politics.