Want to Sit Next to Your Family on the Plane? It Just Got Harder

Family Travel Just Got More Complicated

I don’t know about you but I need to sit with my family when I fly. I get a wee bit nervous and like to hold their hands during take off and landing. Plus, keeping a six-year-old amused during flight time is a job itself. But with new fees, being able to sit with my loved ones on the plane has become not just more complicated but more expensive.

Here is what is happening…A variety of airlines are holding window and aisle seats for single travelers who are ready and willing to pay to avoid the middle seat. What that means for other travelers is that when these higher-paying passengers book the coveted window and aisle seats, there are fewer situations when two or three seats are together.  And if these window or aisle seats are still available, you may have to pay $25 extra each way to get them.  Airlines are reportedly “holding” these seats for people who will pay the surcharge.

If you happen to be an “elite” customer, then not only will you have more choices in seat selection but often you won’t have to pay the extra fees.  But as The News Tribune notes, once the airlines are done holding these window and aisle seats “hostage,” they may release them closer to the flight time and you will be able to book your family’s seats together.  Plus, you can always plead your case when you arrive at the airport, because really, what passenger would want to sit next to your child while you’re in a totally different row?

Are you annoyed by all the extra fees airlines are creating?

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