Want An Infographic of Your Analytics? Here Ya Go

FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrPinterest of us have gotten fairly good at interpreting our Google Analytics and using the vast wealth of information there to get better at making our blog an attractive place to visit.

But sometimes it can be hard to get an overall sense of what the info trends mean. Luckily, has offered up a simple too that creates a gorgeous snapshot of your analytics in an infographic  for free!

Here’s how they announced it on their blog.

At Visually, we’re obviously big believers in making things more visual. Hell, we even named our company accordingly. But it isn’t all about eye candy. The most utilitarian of work-a-day tasks can benefit from a fresh coat of paint and an attempt to simplify and clarify information. … instead of an intimidating dashboard approach to analytics, it tells the story of key metrics such as the number of page views, social engagement, SEO, and bounce rate in a more visual way — highlighting the areas a site administrator needs to focus on in order to see improvement. Visually Google Analytics Report isn’t intended to replace your existing dashboard. But we think it’ll save you plenty of time and (at least if your numbers are up) put a smile on your face.

It’s pretty cool. I ran one for my blog (eek, I should post there more often; ouch!), but here’s the sample from Check it out!


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