Want To Buy Right From The TV? Paypal Partners With Tivo and Comcast To Make It Possible


See a commercial for something you simply must have? Well, TIVO has paired with Paypal to make it possible with just a click of the remote. And this might not be the only service that offers this apparently, Paypal is in talks with Comcast as well.

Of course, Apple has offered click-to-buy products on Apple TV for a while  — but only for Apple products.

According to Paypal, consumers have wanted this for some time. On the Paypal blog, they discussed the research they’ve done on this issue.

According to a survey conducted by PayPal in October 2011, half of TV subscribers (49%) show an interest in purchasing goods and services linked to the content they’re watching on TV, either directly from their television through their remote control, or on a companion device (smartphone or tablet). … Furthermore, according to research done by Nielsen, consumers who watch traditional television are engaged approximately 5.1 hours a day, whereas consumers who surf the Internet are engaged less than an hour a day. Obviously this is a captive audience and one interested in the promise of t-commerce and it’s something we’re ready to deliver.

Are you likely to buy directly from the TV? Will “click-to-buy” t-commerce be a good thing? I’m already thinking about how to lock up my television remote so my daughter doesn’t buy everything she sees on TV…

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