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Did Beyonce Fake Her Pregnancy? Maybe.

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Is that bump for real? Maybe.

Look, I’m not gonna go ahead and say without a doubt that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy. But like Koa Beck at Mommyish, I think it’s possible she could have used a surrogate. Babble’s deputy editor Mira Jacob says there’s no way Beyonce’s bump was a fraud, but I’m not so sure. Aside from the fact that it’s rumored Beyonce has already signed on to perform at the Grammys in a month, here’s why I think it’s at least a tiny bit plausible that B.K. was working a fake belly all this time:

  • No one dances in heels like this at 5 months pregnant. 1 of 6
    No one dances in heels like this at 5 months pregnant.
    Beyonce was allegedly 5 months pregnant when her Roseland concerts were taped in August. I've seen small pregnant bellies, so that part doesn't weird me out, but I can't imagine risking a fall by dancing like this. (You'll get the point after less than a minute.)

    And I'm not saying that out of jealousy or spite. I was on stage til 2 days before I was due, but I can't imagine doing the "Single Ladies" choreo in stilettos with a baby on board. Celebs do fall on stage, all the time! Ask J. Lo and Lady Gaga...
    Photo via IABG
  • In this video, Beyonce seems legitimately angry about the accusation… 2 of 6
    In this video, Beyonce seems legitimately angry about the accusation...
    ...which to me only strengthens the accusation. I don't know, if someone said I wasn't pregnant and I was, I would just grab their hand and put it on my stomach until they felt the baby kick. There's just something about the way she reacts in this video, it doesn't sit right with me.

    Then again, maybe it's just super annoying to deal with rumors all the time as a celeb and so she's just genuinely frustrated. But there's something about the way she rubs her belly so quickly - it's weird.
    Source: Idolator
  • Her original due date was February, then December… 3 of 6
    Her original due date was February, then December...
    Beyonce claims that she didn't give a definitive due date for security purposes, but what about the fact that in October the Australian TV host who was with her when her bump mysteriously "folded up" said that the baby was due in February to put rumors to rest?
    Photo via Beyonce Online
  • And speaking of that folding bump… 4 of 6
    And speaking of that folding bump...
    When Australian show Sunday Night tried to put the bump folding issue to bed by showing B sitting from different camera angles, their best shot was blocked by a makeup artist! Hrmph.
  • Several sources reported that Beyonce scheduled a C-section… 5 of 6
    Several sources reported that Beyonce scheduled a C-section...
    ...but the singer says she gave birth naturally - and that it was "peaceful." Peaceful?! I guess that's one way to describe pushing a 7 pound baby out of your precious vagina. Or maybe it was peaceful because she was sitting comfortably watching a surrogate give birth to her daughter?
    Photo via Beyonce World
  • The security level at the hospital… 6 of 6
    The security level at the hospital...
    As my friend Yamaneika Saunders put it, "They seal the delivery room up tighter than my vagina at the age of 14, but he is comfortable rapping that Beyonce had a miscarriage and they conceived the baby in Paris?!" It just doesn't make sense. Sure, they wanted privacy. Yes, they could have had the baby at home. But it's easier to sneak a surrogate into the hospital undetected than it would be to sneak a surrogate into their house, right?!
    Photo via Flickr

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