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Did Beyonce Fake Her Pregnancy? Maybe.

By carolyncastiglia |

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Is that bump for real? Maybe.

Look, I’m not gonna go ahead and say without a doubt that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy. But like Koa Beck at Mommyish, I think it’s possible she could have used a surrogate. Babble’s deputy editor Mira Jacob says there’s no way Beyonce’s bump was a fraud, but I’m not so sure. Aside from the fact that it’s rumored Beyonce has already signed on to perform at the Grammys in a month, here’s why I think it’s at least a tiny bit plausible that B.K. was working a fake belly all this time:

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Did Beyonce Fake Her Pregnancy? Maybe.

No one dances in heels like this at 5 months pregnant.

Beyonce was allegedly 5 months pregnant when her Roseland concerts were taped in August. I've seen small pregnant bellies, so that part doesn't weird me out, but I can't imagine risking a fall by dancing like this. (You'll get the point after less than a minute.)

And I'm not saying that out of jealousy or spite. I was on stage til 2 days before I was due, but I can't imagine doing the "Single Ladies" choreo in stilettos with a baby on board. Celebs do fall on stage, all the time! Ask J. Lo and Lady Gaga...
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27 thoughts on “Did Beyonce Fake Her Pregnancy? Maybe.

  1. cmiranda says:

    I think beyonce fake her baby bump….if she had a baby growing in side her she would want everyone to see it …she would of took a lot of pictures just like everybody else does….she had someone have that baby for here…….you feel me……

  2. Kate Jones says:

    Yes, I bet she did. I also bet she went as far as to have a fake caesarean scar too since those are so easily replicated. Too bad Lenox Hill isn’t a popular hospital so the paparazzi can’t stalk it out and find out if 2 people checked in that day and also stayed on the rented out 4th floor. I commend Beyonce for staying out of the spotlight while she was pregnant and taking care of herself and her baby.

    The only thing that now concerns me is that her child (not to mention mine) is going to have to grow up in a world with lunatics like you that will analyze everything that precious36 hr. old child will ever do. For the sake of this baby and maybe even your own – put down the US Weekly, step away from Entertainment News for a couple of hours, and focus on how you could use your editorial skills to be a positive influence to mothers on how they can be a influence in their own kids lives so they can in turn become their own kids role models. When this happens I think you will less voluntarily point that cynical finger at others.

  3. Laura says:

    first of all, I seriously doubt with all the protection that she had that someone was able to “pose” as a nurses aide and breach their security. And I agree with Kate Jones comment. Who has nothing better to do in their own pitiful lives that to be a conspiracy theorist whether or not beyonce REALLY had a baby. Why don’t you focus those “posing” talents on getting a real job, and maybe helping feed hungry children, or saving abused animals!!! WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT BEYONCE!!!! I’m as happy for her birth as anybody else, but thats as far as it goes. I feel sorry for your children or future children that you have so much interest in this crap….

  4. carolyncastiglia says:

    Friends, I don’t really care about whether or not Beyonce faked her pregnancy. I’m saying it’s somewhat plausible that she felt pressure to keep her body intact for her post-baby career and so she decided to hide a surrogacy. I can see that being possible. It’s not a definite, but these are the fun/strange little incidents along the way that have kept everyone guessing. It’s clear the tone of this post isn’t overtly serious. But for the record, Kate, there is no C-scar, apparently, which is one of the things that made me go hmmmmm…

  5. carolyncastiglia says:

    And Laura – the catch 22 of fame is that celebs both want privacy and for us to be talking about them at all times, so I’m sure Beyonce is both delighted and annoyed right now, as she must be every single day of her life.

  6. Laura says:

    how does anyone know yet whether there is a scar? has anyone seen a half-naked pic of her in the few days since her babies birth? she probably HAD to rent the whole floor to keep wierdo’s from “posing” as workers and taking pics of her belly!. Yes, celebrities do open thier lives to the public but do we as a public really have to take it so far? just saying…

  7. carolyncastiglia says:

    Laura, Beyonce and Jay-Z released a statement saying the baby was born naturally. Lenox Hill provides security for everyone in the hospital, which probably would have sufficed for Beyonce, too. And if you’re referring to the post I wrote about “posing” as a nurse’s aid to get the inside scoop, that’s satire, babe. Clearly Kanye was not Beyonce’s doula. We’re just having a little fun over here.

  8. Suzie says:

    “Clearly Kanye was not Beyonce’s doula” wait, what? You mean all that web searching and phone calls I’ve been making to get in touch w him for my next birth were a waste of time? Thanks ALOT!

  9. carolyncastiglia says:

    Sorry, Suzie…….

  10. Rosana says:

    Wow, can you imagine if she went to all that circus to hide a surrogate? It would be very sad. However, I wish I had a folding belly like that when I was pregnant both times. It would have saved my back a lot of work :)

  11. Sarah says:

    When she filmed the Countdown music video, she came out with a video talking about her baby where she talked about having to wear some extreme shapewear and bodysuits to fool everyone. looks like she could’ve been wearing that for her Roseland appearance….

  12. Sarah says:

    I wore heels until about 7 months with both of my pregnancies – and I was out doing field work (climbing ladders, walking around on roofs – no not in heels, i have different shoes for that) until I got too big to do it, so I hardly think that speculation that “no one would risk a fall” when many people are hardly even showing at 5 months is evidence. Is this article supposed to be satire as well? No *I* wouldn’t be able to dance like that when pregnant, but neither woudl I be able to run marathons – but people who are already used to specific stresses on their bodies don’t have nearly the trouble of continuing it through pregnancy as someone who wouldn’t be used to it.

  13. ToDd says:

    There are so many reasons to lie in the place that her so called pregnancy was staged. Undoubtly, people will believe anything, but the truth must prevail! I don’t even think she was at the hospital, I believe the baby was born before any of them arrived. The surrogate’s name is Ingrid Jackson. This lady is living very peacfully, with a signed contract in her hand; she has to hold this secret scam in for the rest of her life! That’s what I think!

  14. Teesoup says:

    Usually, I’m not the one to say outrageous things, but this just doesn’t seem right. My aunt works in the entertainment industry, and you’ll be surprised of the bizarre things celebrities do to stay popular and keep themselves in the spotlight. And we all know that Bey is a spotlight hog when it comes to staying on top. Her pregnancy just seemed so unbelievable the entire time. The photos of her in a bikini with her stomach showing just seems so far fetch. As we also know, Hollywood can do some amazing things to make things and people look real as being pregnant and fat. I like Bey, but she and her so-called husband are overexposed and overrated. Something just isn’t right. My question is, Why?

  15. Roxanne says:

    Who cares if she had a surrogate? If I had as much money as she does, I would def. have someone else have my baby.

    1. carolyncastiglia says:

      I don’t care if she had a surrogate. I just think if she did, she should tell the truth about it.

  16. Kate Jones says:

    Carolyn. It is clear I am going to have to assume nothing with you so I will further explain. First off, I was shaving in the shower last year and got a cut on my leg, 1 year later a mark is still there. 1 mother, 2 sisters, 3 C-Sections, mark is still there. Human Anatomy 101: Cuts scar.

    Secondly, the fact that she had a c-section played a factor in your decision makes me even more depressed for you.

    Thirdly, I’m sorry your high level investigation skills took backseat to Blogging/Judging.

    1. carolyncastiglia says:

      Kate – I don’t really understand your comment. It was initially reported that Beyonce had a C-section, then the couple said they gave birth naturally. So the “conspiracy theory” goes that they changed the story because there is no scar.

  17. Kate Jones says:

    And Todd this isn’t an OJ Simpson scene its the birth of a baby. Clearly you don’t live in New York, or visit the Lenox Hill neighborhood everyday for work like I do so let me please explain. Narrow streets where people don’t go un noticed, Upper East Side neighborhood known for being a place stars can live and go about their daily lives as usual so that no one bothers them, probably the busiest hospital in Manhattan, Google “celebrity births at Lenox Hill” clearly this is no uncommon practice.

    I will say though, after all the commotion that has been stirred around this I am beginning to think it could be the birth of the Messiah :)

  18. Jordan Chapman says:

    As for the pregnancy of Beyounce, the supposed PIC of her wearing a bikini was shot far, far, far, from the actual event. Find the original PIC online. And look at the bikini she was wearing. Beyounce has never been so covered up! The ab lines on the side of her “pregnant” (fake) belly would not be there, and her belly button was too tiny to be her true “pregnant” belly button. It was all smoke and mirrors. The bikini was big enough to hide the fake tummy thye had plastered to her real belly that day. It was all a photo op to help continue their sham. The belly collapsing on TV was another BIG sign of her FAKED pregnancy, as was her jumping in and out of a SUV, wearing 6 inch heels, the day before she gave birth. We are not all sheep and believe everything they try to feed us. Wisen up people! We should refuse to buy, listen to, or have anything to do with this so-called power couple and their music, videos or whatever. They have disrupted the lives of the new families at the hospital, and they have continued to play us for fools. Let their 15 minutes of fame be up so they can go raise their surrogate baby in private – since they keep claiming their privacy is so important!

  19. arona says:

    I AM starting to believe that her whole pregnancy was fake ,i know that she is perfect but she looked too perfect to be really pregnant. walking around in those 15 inch heels all the time come on and why such secrecy with the delivery and all the security (did they think someone was going to snatch the baby out of the delivery room with everyone in there? everything appears to have happened so quick her pregnancy was quick and her delivery date seemed too quick. i don’t know what to believe anymore but i can surely say her bump just DID NOT look real to me it was too perfect. We are all fans of beyonce but i think we are starting to lose respect for her with all the rumors and secrecy . (she is not the only woman in the world who has had a baby )if they do not come down a notch their will always be problems with her baby..thaT BEING SAID I WISH THEM ALL THE HAPPINESS AND I WISH THE RUMORS AND ALL THE SECRECY WILL STOP ….OH AND j-Z DON’T FORGET YOUR OTHER CHILDREN….

  20. Sarah says:

    I don’t care so much that she had a surrogate, but why did she pretend to be pregnant for NINE MONTHS? That’s the weird part.

  21. Aniz says:

    I generally like your writing but you’re veering into obsession with this Carolyn.

  22. Speak onit says:

    I’ve been saying all along that celebs fake thier pregnancies and get surrogates, they get “back in shape” way too fast for example I just saw a pic of Keri Russel in US magazine 2 weeks after “giving birth” with a flat tummy come on! IJS…

  23. Brenda says:

    The woman just faked it, I do not see anyone wearing anything with a heel on it the day before they give birth end of story.

  24. Shanny says:

    Yes, you can dance like that while being pregnant…. Look up Jennifer Lopez performances while pregnant.

  25. Why not says:

    I seen the baby pictures of this so called BLUE IVY. THE BABY DOES NOT EVEN LOOK LIKE JAY Z! NO RESEMBLANCE, NO FEATURES AT ALL. THE BABY DOES NOT LOOK LIKE BEYONCE! AT ALL! What I want to know is why would you play these type of games? Why would you wear a prostetic tummy to make it look like you are with child when you are not? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS SIMPLE QUESTION? If Beyonce cannot have children she should just be real about it and go the a fertility specialist to help her to concieve with her husband, everybody knows she has the money to do so. So why would you go to all the expense and trouble to fake it? It just seems so artificial to me. YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT THE BABY IS NOT THEIRS BIOLOGICALLY. THIS IS SOME SAD SHT FOR REAL!!!!!

    Futhermore, she steps out after 4 weeks of having a so called child. Well I know when I had my baby, the doctor told me no sex for 6 weeks. I asked him why? My doctor said because your uterus has to fuse back togethor and go down to its normal position, as well you will be bleeding as your body heals from the child birth.
    SO TELL ME HOW THE HELL IS BEYONCE STOMACH SO FLAT AS IF SHE NEVER HAD A BABY AT ALL? Real Women have a little bit of a gut after a month of having a baby. This if sheer fake in your face!

    I am a mother and a grandmother and I have never seen this kind of sht in my life! NATURE DOES NOT WORK LIKE THIS. CRAZY is’nt it.

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