Was Gaddafi Shot? How the World is Reeling from the Rumors and What It Means for Parents:


Today, rumors arose that Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi had been shot. While nothing  has been confirmed yet, just the mere rumor of his injury or demise has sent repercussions throughout the world from Switzerland to China to right here at home in the U.S.  How is the world being affected the gossip?

The Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs has decided to freeze all and any assets held by Gaddafi or his close associates so there’s not be a “misuse of state funds.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China released a statement about how “gangsters” had attacked and raided a variety of China owned companies and facilities that are in Libya.

And here at home? Oil prices reportedly fell by more than $2 a barrel. This may mean the investments for our kids’ college fund could take a dip. And there is concern that our gasoline prices will sky rocket, making those trips to soccer practice, spring break road trips and our weekly errands more expensive.

It’s like the butterfly effect but on a much bigger, more international and political scale. But right now, it’s all a rumor. We’ll see what really happened and how it will affect the world soon enough.

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