Was There a "Carmageddon" Baby Boom in LA?


What happens when the residents of Los Angeles are forced from the roads and into their home? Apparently if you believe new reports they get busy. Eeally busy.

There is newfangled theory that there was a mini baby boom when ten miles of the 405 freeway, one of L.A.’s most popular routes, was temporarily closed for maintenance. At the time, Angelenos were terrified that it the closure would result in an “automotive apocalypse.” But there was no disaster. Instead the drivers stayed home. And some made use of their time by making babies!

So far, the data is purely anecdotal, with breast feeding hot spot The Pumping Station and a Tarzana OBGYN chiming in about an uptick in new births that coincide with a Carmagedoon conception.  One new set of parents said, “We just holed up in the house, kind of sat by the fire and hung out with each other.” “And the rest, I don’t have to say,” his wife added.  Another couple parents of a baby girl named Amare – said that Carmageddon forced them to slow down and that after years of trying, they finally conceived that weekend.  They said, “Thank you to the city of Los Angeles…and to the mayor. …You brought Amare into the world.”

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