Washington D.C. Earthquake, Whooping Cough Quiz, and More


Today’s big news:  A Washington, D.C. earthquake shook the Capitol today, reaching 3.6 on the Richter scale.  It’s minor by West Coast standards, but the largest earthquake to hit the area since. 1974.  — Associated Press

Continuing our Old Spice Guy theme week:  Harold B. Lee library at Brigham Young University is hoping to cash in on the Old Spice viral campaign with their new library promotion.  Check out “the man your grades could be like.”  — Huffington Post

California is dealing with a whooping cough epidemic, but how much do you know about this still relatively common childhood infection?  Test your knowledge at LilSugar.

It’s National Ice Cream month!  AlphaMom has some cool tips for making homemade ice cream, while Momlogic makes us laugh with their eight most controversial ice cream flavors.

The House Education and Labor Committee passed the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act on Thursday.  The bill proposes an increase in funding to the tune of $8 billion to be funneled to childhood nutrition programs. — Washington Post

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