Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas For Free


a-charlie-brown-christmasIf you missed the holiday favorite when it aired on broadcast TV this year, you can still watch A Charlie Brown Christmas for free at Actually, you can watch it for free right here, right now.

Don’t you love the new media landscape?

A Charlie Brown Christmas was my favorite special when I was a kid, and I still love it, as do my kids. One of the interesting things about the special is the way it deals with religion. It doesn’t leave it out like some holiday specials, and it also doesn’t cram it down your throat the way crud like the VeggieTales does. When Linus gives his reading from the Bible, it’s a very sweet moment, but it isn’t off-putting at all — even to a little Jewish kid. (I got to tell Charles Schulz’s daughter how I felt about her dad’s work when I interviewed Jill Schulz for AOL ParentDish in November. That was fun.)

So watch A Charlie Brown Christmas right here for free. Merry Christmas everybody!