Watch a Woman Finding Out She is Having Twins (Video)


It’s a moment we’ve seen in movies and on the occasional soap opera; the moment when a mom-to-be finds out that she has not one baby but two growing in her belly. But this is something that not many of us get to witness in real life with real reactions by real woman. But one couple gave us insight into this life changing moment when they captured – on video – their discovery that the reason the mom-to-be was having such severe morning sickness was that she was carrying twins.

In the video (discovered by the Huffington Post) the doctor says, “I think I know why you might be having severe nausea. You’re having twins.”

The mother is, of course, completely shocked. After several declarations of being stunned and tears, she said, “Oh boy, that changes things so much.” Yes, yes it does! Check out this moment of joy, shock, and awe below:

Photo Source: YouTube