Watch: Feel Good Movie of the Summer Makes Boys Boohoo (Video)


Did you happen to catch The Odd Life of Timothy Green this weekend? The film, described as “warm and lovely” by movie critic Roger Ebert, appears to be the type of feel good movie you can enjoy as a family without the worry that 90 minutes spent in a theater will require an arsenal of night lights and will equate to months of nighttime bedroom visits.

While we didn’t bring our two children along, my husband and I did sneak away to the movies this weekend and, since it was my turn to pick the movie and I have a girl crush on Jennifer Garner dating back to her role in Alias, The Odd Life of Timothy Green it was. I had no idea how badly I would need those napkins originally marked for buttery popcorn fingers.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who sobbed like a baby. This video of two little boys reacting to the film captured by their parents is quickly going viral. They bring boohooing to a whole new level and while I feel their pain, I can’t help but giggle just a little.

Watch the video after the jump, but be aware, it does contain spoilers.




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