Two Emails on Friday That Will Give You Your Weekend Back


As I wrap up this workweek on a gorgeous fall afternoon, I’m writing myself two emails, and I thought they might be interesting to you if you are also juggling a busy work life.

The Two Email Trick is something I do when I find myself working too much over the weekends.  That’s a common pitfall when you run your own business or work online in the 24/7 digital industry.  And the thing is, when you are super busy, it might feel easier to keep working than to take a break because you worry that you won’t get all the plates spinning again.

Plate pressure is worse than peer pressure.  But the answer can be the same: just say no!

So knowing I need a little guidance, I’m writing Two Emails.

1. One email is a list of my priorities for Monday morning and a summary of my meetings and travel for next week. I could always consult my calendar and to-do list at any given time, of course, but that’s the point: by symbolically wrapping it up into an actionable list for Monday I’ve given my brain permission to table creeping thoughts to check in with my lists. It encouraged me to wrap up little things, do some strategic thinking, and Monday morning will be easier, as well.

2. The other email tells me to log off of email.Email is the gateway drug to a perpetual work cycle. Sometimes you’ve got to just say no.

Do you have any work-live strategies like my Two Email strategy?  Are you working this weekend?


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