Weird Loveys, Sunscreen Safety, and More


Starting solids is brand new territory for first time parents.  Feel confident about this early milestone with tips for feeding solids from LilSugar.

Loveys are a natural part of early childhood, and many a kid has attached herself to a blanket, stuffed animal, doll, or other similarly soft and adorable comfort object.  But what happens when your child decides to love an unusual item — like a can opener?  Or a shopping bag?  The Stir has more on weird loveys.

Is your child’s baby book gathering dust because you’re too busy to fill it in?  Now there’s website that lets you fill in milestones as they happen, complete with email reminders.  My Own Little Story will even print out the pages when you’re ready — add pictures if you want — and you’ve got a complete baby book.  — Rookie Moms

Sunscreen safety is more confusing than ever, due to conflicting studies on the safety of protective ingredients.  We tend to lean toward responsible sun exposure — using t-shirts and shade, too — relying on chemical sunscreens only if we’re going to be out all day.  How do you make sense of the sunscreen controversy?

“Grandma’s house, Grandma’s rules” has always been the motto in my family, even when I was a kid.  But today’s parents are much more concerned about the kinds of foods their kids are eating.  MOMformation asks, “Is it fair to micromanage what grandparents feed your kids?”

Photo: the half-blood prince, Flickr

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