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Most bloggers have been left floundering in the wake of a troll. This breed of reader goes way beyond communicating a difference of opinion, they’re out to shred into every facet of a blogger’s motherhood reality for sport. They do it because it’s easy. It’s easy for a virtual bully to sit in the comfort of their own home and preach (IN CAPS, natch) that our parental choices are wrong, that we are undeserving, idiotic or worthy of name-calling.

I wrote this post, Dear Know-It-All People Without Kids, Shut the %$#@ Up here on Babble where I got ripped a new one. I even had a parenting website write an article in response to the post where they got me and my “special” brand of humor all wrong.

The experience just reaffirmed what I already knew. Trolls often presume to know everything from what non-organic meal we fed our kids last night to the kind of man we’ve chosen to procreate with. They make radical personal assumptions that reach far beyond a 300 word blog post on TV viewing or potty training.

As a certified blog junkie, I can honestly say the few times I’ve vehemently disagreed with a post, I’ve made every personal attempt to attack the idea rather than the writer. Then again, I’m not the type to spew venom over things like co-sleeping and natural childbirth. But even if I was, virtual bullying due to a difference of opinion is nothing short of a cheap shot begging for attention.

And so I say this to the internet troll:

Calm down. Seriously. It was a disposable diaper. Nobody died.

By nature of our subject matter it’s easy for bloggers to open up and share that which is most personal to us. As much as we love it when you agree or relate to a post, we’re equally eager to hear your difference of opinion. In fact, we welcome it. We want to keep the conversation going. We’re listening as long as you’re talking.

Love us, hate us, whatever. Just be human to us because we deserve that much.

Everyone deserves that much.

How do you respond to trolls?

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