Westminster Dog Show Winner 2011: What is a Scottish Deerhound? Is This Dog Right For Your Family?


Scottish DeerhoundIt ain’t a Beagle. It ain’t a Labrador. It ain’t the dog next door. This year’s winner of the Westminster Dog Show 2011 was a dog from the breed known as the Scottish Deerhound. Now, for us that are in the non-canine savvy category, we may not know what the Scottish Deerhound is. Is it cute? Is it cuddly? And will this be our family’s next pet?

Foxcliffe Hickory Wind was award the coveted Best in Show, winning over a Pekingese (toy), a Chinese Shar-pei (non-sporting), Bearded Collie (herding), black Cocker Spaniel (sporting), Portuguese water dog (working) and smooth Fox terrier (terrier). Some pretty pedigreed pooches for sure. But the Scottish Deerhound reigned supreme.

The Scottish Deerhound looks a lot like a shaggy Greyhound, although they are a lot bigger. And since they are part of the hound family, they are used for hunting. In the USA (where it’s legal) they are known for coyote and hare hunting and in Australia they hunt kangaroo and wild boar.

As for a family pet, the Scottish Deerhound are known to be gentle and very friendly. As for their interaction with children, they are docile and are good around the kids. Except really small ones, since they are a great big breed, they may be too much dog for the wee wee little ones. And being that they are a bigger breed, there life is a bit short living around eight to nine years.