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What 23 Bloggers WISH They Could Blog About

By cecilyk |

People often accuse bloggers of oversharing, but the truth is, there is much we DON’T say. Even me, the queen of too much information, has some limits. I don’t blog about my sex life, or fights with my husband, or how I really feel about having my mother living with us, or a million other things.

Most of us withhold for a couple of reasons; we don’t want to hurt someone, or we don’t feel like our blog is the appropriate place to share such things. Yes, we talk about protecting our “brands” and how we’ve chosen to have our blogs reflect just a sliver of who we really are – and some folks just aren’t comfortable sharing stuff at a public level.

I sat down with a group of bloggers and asked them about what they wished they could blog about. I think you’ll find the answers surprising.

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What 23 Bloggers WISH They Could Blog About

Anne, Not A Super Mom

Anne says, "I wish I could write about my marriage on my blog. My husband is adorable, but very private. He's an introvert and very literal. He's a typical engineer, and that's great. But I'm trying to write with humor, which is very rarely literal. Humor is very...hand-wavey. I'll write something funny (at least I think so) and my husband will read it and then remind me how it really happened. I know how it happened! I'm just retelling it funnier. As a result I don't write much about our marriage. I think Jenny Lawson's Victor must be the best sport in the world. Would love to send him out for beers with my husband. Somebody needs to explain the spouse-of-blogger rules to my husband. Mostly, because I have a hilarious and mostly-true story about our annual Christmas fight.
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11 thoughts on “What 23 Bloggers WISH They Could Blog About

  1. Gypsie says:

    Quite the interesting post! thanks :) i fit into some of these as well, mostly due to how would i write about them well?

  2. Sharon Silver says:

    This is fascinating. Each blogger said they wanted to share something “real” about their lives and knew they couldn’t or they’d hurt someone they love.

    Women gab, it’s what we do! We tell each other what’s really going on so we can process the %&$(#. Readers thought that blogging was exactly like having a cup of coffee and hearing the whole truth about someone’s life. It’s good to see, and hopefully dispel the myth, that everyone’s life is perfect, cause it’s not! Loved this article!

  3. Garza Girl says:

    Sigh. Well. Glad to know I’m not alone. I think I can relate to at least five or six of these wishes on my blog. My version of not writing about sensitive topics (my spouse’s ADHD, strong political opinions about Choice, my desire to live abroad again) comes in the form of not blogging at all. And as a writer for most of my career, that feels even worse.

    Thanks all, for sharing.


  4. The Hip Vegetarian says:

    Great post. I can identify with so many of these bloggers. This is when you realize that being anonymous might not be so bad. ;-)

  5. Puh-lease says:

    C’mon Cecily, you’re just sore because YOUR MOTHER didn’t have a lot of money that you were able to use to buy a cabin in the Poconos with like Charlie’s… (From what I’ve read, your mom sounds like a really great lady.)

  6. Kimberly/Foodie City Mom says:

    It’s good to know that everyone has their filters. My husband is private (and a teacher – with students who have somehow managed to find my blogs?!), so I can only share “snippets” of our life.

    If I could write freely, I would write more about race, religion and coping with my mother-in-law’s dementia.

  7. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says:

    Fascinating to hear what other women had to say on this topic. It’s a good reminder that there is always more behind the smile. Those other moms who look perfect probably have a ton of issues I have no idea about.

  8. jenny - Monkey Toes says:

    This is so interesting – so many of the women want to be “real” yet they can’t. I don’t blame them either. I so want to be real about business ups and downs, but feel that putting certain aspects out there is begging for attention or putting the negative into the universe. I want to stay positive, instead of dwelling.

    What about starting anonymous blogs and see how that goes, if people still enjoy reading them then you’ve got something. I keep thinking about Dooce and how she says anything – she seems to be quite real (the few times I’ve actually read her) or the Bloggess maybe? Good examples of spewing a lot of personal stuff.

  9. @DresdenPlaid says:

    wow. So glad to see that I am not alone in what I WISH I could share and what I do share. It seems like many of us just simply don’t want to hurt anyone with our words – and there is a fear that by talking about the underbelly of REAL life we will hurt someone.
    Blogging…it’s hard some times.

  10. tracy@sellabitmum says:

    There are so many things I don’t blog about. Glad to know I’m not alone. xo

  11. Susan in the Boonies says:

    I’m on my very best behavior on my blog. I am conscious of the diversity of the audience that I’d like to attract….which is….pretty much everyone, because, honestly? I love pretty much everyone. But I’d love to let my hair down and be a little bit more candid, maybe a little bit more naughty. I realize, however, that lots of folks who read my blog wouldn’t appreciate that side of me. It’s a little sad, that I have to keep some of that bottled up.

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