What Are Your Kids Wearing This Halloween?


toddler-ghost-costumeLooking at a list of popular 2009 costumes, I was wondering what your kids wearing wearing this Halloween.

This list of’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes in 2009 has exactly zero matches with what my children or the children of anyone I know will be wearing. The number one costume on’s list is Michael Jackson, followed by Harry Potter, “The Vampire” (generic costume for Twi-hards I guess), Miley Cyrus, Star Trek (whoo-hoo!), Zombie, G.I. Joe Ninja, and Hermione Granger. For the first time in many, many years, I’m going to wear a semi-costume — Spock ears and a Star Trek t-shirt. The full-on Mr. Spock costume was way too expensive — $49.99 for one version, $99.99 for another. My kids really wanted me to wear something, and hey, who am I to disappoint them?

But enough about me. What are your kids wearing this Halloween?

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