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What Do at Least 8% Of Parents Regret?

By Danielle Sullivan |

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And some parents change their "mistake" years later

Parents tend to second guess themselves a lot. Did I time my pregnancies right? Should I have really had that glass of wine in early pregnancy? Did I choose the right pediatrician?

This list can go on and on. The thing with parenting is that in many cases the choices we make are long-lasting. Hindsight is not always the best thing because it can cause people to rethink and in certain cases, reverse choices they normally would not. Bottom line, listen to your gut in every circumstance.

If you don’t you may end up regretting one of the first decisions you have ever made for your child: his/her name.

According to the Huffington Post, Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, founders of, say “the most common mistakes parents make when it comes to naming their babies include letting their own parents have too much say in the decision or focusing on superficial factors, like how “cool” the name choice makes them look”:

53%, felt this way because they had chosen a name that was ‘fashionable’ at the time 32%, of the parents who said that they ‘regretted’ their child’s first name said that they did so because it is now a ‘common’ name for children.

Like anything else, when you give too much thought into what someone else thinks, even your mother or mother-in-law, it’s more likely you’ll do something you regret.

So, moms-to-be, choose a name you love and adore, not what is popular or what a relative likes. Your child’s name is too important, and the last thing anyone would want to do is change their child’s name because they’ve grown to hate it. (Some moms have actually done this at age 2 and 3!).

Do you still love your child’s name? Would you change it if you could back in time? Did your relatives try to bully you into (or out of) a name?

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19 thoughts on “What Do at Least 8% Of Parents Regret?

  1. YASI says:

    ive already chosen my childs name. i dont know what im having yet but we have names picked out. my mother law does not like the name we have picked out for the girl. i personally dont feel it should be a chocie for grandparents or anybody to pick the childs name. the parents ive decided and i think people should respect that. i think no matter how “weird”, ” out dated” , or common the name is its the name the parents picked ,and im sure there is a reason behind to every name.

  2. goddess says:

    I only regret our youngest. I wanted to name him Damian, but my husband and mother did not like it. I was given the choice- the hubby is always such a gentleman and tells me hat I was the one who went thru the pregnancy and c section, that the final choice was mine. We both liked Zachary, so I felt I would have been abusing his generosity had I chosen Damian when it was one he did not ;like. But the name would suit him perfectly now that we know him. -And he likes it better too.

  3. Snarky Mama says:

    I am so glad my husband shot down my top name choices. I really wanted to name one of my boys Basil (but pronounced the way Americans say the herb) and another one Indigo. We are not hippie enough to pull off those names. :)

  4. Sara Carter says:

    I love my kids’ names, but we went through drama with our families because we chose “old fashioned” names for our daughters. They are Evelyn and Elinor. I’m absolutely in love with both names and am glad we chose them. My husband shot down my first choice for Elinor’s name, though… I’m still hoping for a Camille some day!

  5. Oliver Ortega Chua says:

    We named our daughter Oleisa, which was not controversial at all with our family and friends. It’s a French (and/or Greek) variant of Elizabeth. Our family and friends seem to like it more, too, when we tell them it means “God’s promise.”

    Our criteria for choosing a name was:
    1. Had to start with either “O” or “L” for her dad (Oliver) or mom (Lovelyn). This continues a tradition that my parents started.
    2. Had to be somewhat uncommon. My name was uncommon enough when I was growing up. In grade school, I only knew of one other Oliver and he went to a different school. My wife’s name is also very uncommon in the US.
    A lot of our friends’ kids have very common names (like Nathan or Alyssa) and when we go to the park at least one or two other kids share the same name. I can’t imagine how many classmates will share their names over the years. I didn’t want my daughter turning around every time someone said her name but wasn’t taking to or about her.
    3. Had to be a real name. We don’t want her being teased for having a made-up name (though she may get teased anyway for having a “weird” name). Children (and some adults) can be so cruel sometimes.

    It took some time and many books and websites, but we don’t regret her name one bit!

  6. JJ says:

    Three kids and I can’t imagine their names as anything else. Of course I went through a lot of trouble to make sure the names were right for us in the first place.
    I find this article amazing because I don’t know a single parent who regrets the name they picked for their child.

  7. Debbie says:

    I remember when my ex-husband and I were choosing names, we decided on the girl’s name without a problem. But, for a boy, after going through a load of choices which we couldn’t agree on, we decided to make our own lists of favorite names, and then compare. As it turned out, for each boy, with all the names we liked individually, we agreed on only two. So, for our 1st son, we used both names, out of the 2, the one we liked best, became his first name and the runner up, was his middle. We it did the same for our 2nd son, and it worked out quite well. This prevented a lot of arguing and stressing out. We left our famlies out altogther. Safer that way.

  8. Linda, t.o.o. says:

    I do have one friend who legally changed her infant daughter’s name a few months in.

  9. Snarky Mama says:

    Technically, I did change my middle son’s name after he was born. Apparently, whoever processed his birth certificate couldn’t read my handwriting (and didn’t pay attention to his dad’s last name) and he ended up with a different last name (an “h” got turned into an “n’). I didn’t actually notice it until an embarrassing amount of time went by, and then had to have his name changed to the correct name.

  10. peggy says:

    My oldest is Tirsa and I still love her name, she was never a Jennifer 1 or a Samantha 2 … I would have named my other two children unique names as well but my other half chose the names and wasn’t original, I like their names but I will never love their names like I do Tirsa, by the way they are Dustin and Dylan.

  11. Katie Nail says:

    i absolutely love my childs name i wouldnt change it even if they asked me too…btw his name is Keagan Michael Nail

  12. Mos says:

    i don’t like the name my husband chose for my son even though it has a great meaning but i have gotten used to it over time.Im definitely naming my next child.Ooh my son’s name is Themba(meaning hope) but its used by thousand other people.

  13. Amy says:

    I loved the name Claire since elementary school, so I named my first girl Claire. However, now that I see it’s becoming popular…it makes me cringe a little. I wanted a ‘normal’ name that wasn’t overused so she could avoid the Claire P, Claire S and Claire B scenario in school! (And honestly because I’m a little vain and don’t want to be compared with ‘those moms’ that name their kids the ‘cool name’ of the decade. There. I said it.)

  14. Sandra says:

    both my kids names were criticized…by my own mother! my daughter’s name is Kisa which means Kitten and I fell in love with that name since I was 16yrs old, but o my mother it wasn’t a person name it was a dog name and she kept telling me to just but a pet and name it that.
    My son is Kaiden and I have a family member called Kaitlyn, well my mother decided that the reason I called him that was so he would be called after the family member. His name was chosen at the moment he was born, and I had already liked the name when I heard it once at a store.

  15. Rosa says:

    So when we found out we were pregnant, I said “if it is a boy I’d really like to name him after you” then thought to myself if it is a girl I’d really like to use my confirmation name but specifically didn’t say it to see what he’d say… Then he says right after that “Well if it is a girl I’d like to that middle name you got to choose for yourself, Anastasia, I’m just gonna have to learn to spell it…” I was happy he was happy and that is as far as that went. My family says “oh she’ll never be able to spell it!” His side says “It sounds like anesthesia” His sister even goes as far as to text me that I’m am being selfish when I say she already has a name in response to her Joanna suggestion. I guess she thought that I named the baby by myself because she says “We’re her family too” Look the people who made her named her Get Over It!

  16. Tiffany J says:

    I wouldn’t say that I regret naming my daughter Kayla, but it does bother me a little that her name seems to be becoming common. Maybe it’s just my perception but it seems that everywhere I turn there’s another Kayla. And it doesn’t help that her last name is Johnson. Poor thing will have to check her credit report every day for the rest of her life — no, I haven’t bounce checks at Dillard’s, I don’t have $900,000 in credit card debt, and I’m not the Kayla Johnson who was on the news last night for robbing 7-Eleven. :)

    I couldn’t think of another name that would fit her better or that I would like better though so oh well.

  17. Bella_Rose says:

    I was about 8 years old and I was watching the movie Splash. Darryl Hanah’s character was choosing a name, and she decided on Madison, after the street. Tom Hanks’ character said “That’s not a name” and I turned to my mother and told her I was going to name my first daughter Madison, because I thought it was a pretty name. Fast Forward a decade or so, and I’m with my husband and we are discussing baby names because I’m expecting, and he says he wants to name our daughter Madison. I instantly said Yes! I know it’s fashionable now, but it wasn’t when i chose it, and having him confirm it only strengthened my resolve that it was meant to be. I don’t care that it’s the 3rd most popular name for girls, because I chose it when I was a little girl, so it means more to me than any other name could.

  18. Larissa says:

    We have a Hugh and are about to have a James, I love both and are old family names. My mother-in-law isn’t happy though, because there was Hugh and James, brothers, on her side, who were grave diggers in WWII and both were badly affected in different ways because of it, so she’s worried about the connection. Hugh was really the one who chose James though, because he’s a MAD Thomas the Tank Engine fan. If it was a girl, he wanted to call her Gordon.

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