What Does It Take to Raise an Olympian? Mother of U.S. Gymnast Gabby Douglas Shares Their Story (Video)


What does it take to raise an Olympic athlete? A lot more sacrifice and determination from the parents of each child Olympian than I realized. While watching this video about U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas’ journey to the 2012 Olympic games I was surprised to find I needed a box of tissues.

It is apparent while watching the incredible feats performed so far by this year’s Olympic athletes that we are witnessing the result of years of dedicated training, but what we are often unaware of are the efforts of the people cheering them on from the stands. They too have made sacrifices which have enabled their children to chase their dreams.

Not sure what I mean? Watch as Douglas’ mom, Natalie Hawkins, explains what she and her family went through to support her daughter in the pursuit of an Olympic medal.


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