Post-Disney Side Effects: What Happens When You Wake Up From Your Disney Dreams?


One of the best things about being at a Disney Park is it feels like a dream. We recently attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Walt Disney World. It was beyond our wildest Disney Dreams! Having all 3 sisters and the entire family together was a another dream come true for us. And every bit like our Disney dreams, we never wanted to wake up, or leave.

Yes, there comes a time when all vacations and Disney dreams must come to an end. We must travel back home, unpack, do endless loads of laundry, and get back to reality (what ever that is). So what is it that happens every time we spend a family vacation together and have to wake up from our Disney dreams? From the moment we returned home we notice difficulty adjusting back into our daily routine. Since we believe awareness is key here, we would like to share with you, our readers a glimpse into our lives as we experience a Disney hangover, Disney withdrawals, and the secret side effects of Disney that no one ever talks about.

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  • 5 Secret Side Effects of Disney… 1 of 7
    5 Secret Side Effects of Disney

    That no one tells you about!

  • Side Effect #1 – The Immediate Need to Plan Our Next Trip to Disney 2 of 7
    The Secret Side Effects of Disney That Nobody Talks About: Over Sharing!

    The first completely unexpected side effect is the need to immediately set date for our next trip back to Disney before we even unpacked or started the 27 loads of vacation laundry.

  • Side Effect #2 – Crying 3 of 7
    The Secret Side Effects of Disney That Nobody Talks About: Crying!

    There is LOTS of crying and whining. Did we mention crying? Our kids are sad too. 

  • Side Effect #3 – No Mickey Shaped Desserts 4 of 7
    What Happens When You Wake Up From Disney Dreams? There Are No Mickey Ice Cream Bars

    Our family constantly asks for waffles and desserts shaped like Mickey Mouse.

  • Side Effect – #4 Over Sharing 5 of 7
    What Happens When You Wake Up From Disney Dreams? You immediately start planning your next trip back to Disney!

    We share story after story of every single magical moment from our trips with friends, neighbors and yes, even a handful of perfect strangers. We have the inability to focus on anything other than Disney, is that normal???

  • Side Effect #5 Endless Searching For FastPass Kiosks 6 of 7
    What Happens When You Wake Up From Disney Dreams? Endless Searching For FastPass Kiosks

    And probably the most embarrassing, 
    Our endless searching for the "Fast Pass" kiosks everywhere we go like the post office, super market and especially the DMV.

  • Disney Social Media Moms 7 of 7
    Disney Social Media Moms Conference

    We are forever grateful for the memories we have, they live on in our hearts forever. Thank you to the Disney Social Media Moms Team for making our Disney dreams come true! And thank you to all the new and old friends we spent time with during  the 2013 DisneySMMoms weekend!


Photo Source: Disney Sisters

Full Disclosure: We were invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Walt Disney World offered a special discounted rate for all attendees and their families. This is a once in a lifetime experience and we are grateful to Disney for allowing us to participate. We’ll be sharing unique things seen and heard throughout the Celebration. Please keep in mind these our own personal thoughts and opinions, not those of the Walt Disney Company.


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