What Have You Always Wanted to Know About Your Favorite Mom Blogger?

What would you ask this mom?

Okay, we’re totally obsessed with mom bloggers, but you already know that by now.  You’ve seen our list of the Top 50 Mom Bloggers of 2010, and you’ve nominated your favorite, too.

To dive further into the lives of our Top 50, we’ve asked them a series of questions for each month of 2011.  This month (just in time for Valentine’s Day), we asked them to ask their children, “Why do you love Mommy?” The answers are totally adorable.

Now it’s your turn to ask the Top 50 a question.

If you could ask our Top 50 Mom Bloggers one thing, what would it be?

Are you dying to know what it’s really like documenting every moment of motherhood? Wonder how these moms balance their time online and off? Curious about their favorite products and blogs?  Leave your question in the comments, and we’ll pick five for members of our Top 50 to answer via video in April.

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