What I Want My Kid to Know About Love: It's the Small Stuff - 12 Things That Show the Love

Love is complex and intricate

The one thing I want my kid to know about love? That, in our house, love is everywhere.

Love is present and palatable every day, in every hour, in every second. Love may be a really big thing, but it can be found in all sorts of small, simple gestures. Love is right here, there and everywhere.

Here are twelve little ways our daughter makes us feel that love:

1)    It’s the way she smiles when I say we can get an ice cream cone.

2)    It’s in the way she still wants to be carried up the stairs even though she’s a ‘big girl’.

3)    It’s in the way she jumps all over her dad when he walks in the door.

4)    It’s in the way she squeals with joy when she know she’s having a play-date with one of her best pals.

5)    It’s in the way she needs a big hug after a boo-boo.

6)    It’s in the way she always wants to dance when she hears the Ramones.

7)    It’s in the way she hugs and holds her favorite stuffed animal, Barry the Bear.

8)    It’s in the way her favorite seat in the house is our laps.

9)    It’s in the way she wants us to read her “Seven Silly Eaters” for the hundredth time.

10) It’s in the way she gives our dog a treat just for being cute.

11) It’s in the way she is pulling on my arm while I write this.

12) Love is in every breath we, as a family, take.

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Photo: Flickr/Ava Lowery

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