What If You Could Adopt a Granny?


grandparentThe number of grandparents raising their grandkids might be on the upswing in America, but so are the number of kids living hundreds of miles away from their grandparents.

So what do you do when Granny’s not around? You adopt one!

That’s literally what a new group in Hungary is doing – running a program called “Adopt a Countryside Granny” to link older women in the country who love kids with city families who would love another generation around to help guide their kids.

According to a report on Reuters, families barter help around the elderly women’s houses or money in exchange for childcare, and everyone comes out the better, especially the kids.

It’s a Hungarian project, but there’s no reason it can’t work here in America. And there’s nothing to say it doesn’t. With families increasingly more spread out, there are more kids living without that intergenerational presence, and more elderly folks stuck without help from the younger generations in their own families.

Connecting kids with older folks in your community is a lesson in community itself, presenting them with a more global worldview (it takes a village to raise a child but also a village to care for its elderly).

Want in? Check with your local senior center to find out if there are any kid-loving seniors who would love to play granny.

Image: papertygre, flickr

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