What it is Like to Be 2: The Ellie Cam (Video)

Ellie and Her Ellie Cam

One curious dad had a thought. What does the world look like to a two-year-old? The way he decided to find out? By strapping on a camera onto his daughter’s bike helmet. The result was the “Ellie Cam”, his way to see the world through the eyes of his little girl.

There are some interesting observations that us regular sized adults (with our average height of 5’9 ½”) can pick up from this video. 1) To the toddler set – we grown-ups look like giants. 2) Being that size, youreally get a close up and personal view of adults’ knees and hips. 3) And from this short perspective it’s pretty exciting to see creatures your own size.

Check out the adorable video of the Ellie Cam in action right here.

Via Buzzfeed