What Makes Moms Cry


woman-cryingSpend enough time on Facebook, and eventually you’ll get one of those memes — you know, the ones that ask you what you had for breakfast, if you still talk to your first love, and when the last time is you cried.  I haven’t met to many men who actually fill those things out, but women tend to answer that last question:  “an hour ago,” “yesterday,” or some other time in the very recent past.

According to and 3,000 women, that’s because women spend a lot of time crying.  Up to 16 months of our lives, in fact, are spent weeping, and after the age of 19, we spend a whopping 2.5 hours a week in tears.

Now, I’m not made of stone, believe me (I teared up watching the end of Kit Kitteredge yesterday), but I think that’s a gross exaggeration.  Still, as women — and as mothers — we’re especially sensitive to the pain of others, and that’s cited in the Daily Mail as one of the top reasons women cry:

  • sad movies
  • fighting with a partner
  • losing someone they love
  • fatigue
  • hearing someone’s bad news

Just out of curiosity, I polled some mom friends to find out — barring personal tragedy or anything on the above list — what’s making them tear up the most.  Here’s the unofficial top 8:

  • the hour before bedtime
  • the hour after bedtime (when bedtime has failed)
  • kids things say, as in, “You’re the best mom in the world.”
  • kids things say, as in “Everyone’s looking at you because your hair looks weird.”
  • those tender moments, like when a baby smiles for the first time
  • those  mind-blowingly frustrating moments, like when baby feeds your breakfast to the dog
  • sleep deprivation (hers)
  • sleep deprivation (her chid’s)

If you’re a mom, what makes you cry?

Photo: honikum, Flickr

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