What Makes YOU So Special?

OK, so apparently being a blogger is a weird profession.

Cecily had Ten Bloggers Share Their Answers To The Question, “What Do You Do?” and the answers were so hysterical that I should have seen this situation coming…

In talking with a virtual stranger, I was asked what I did “besides being a mom”. Annoyed by the insinuation that motherhood wasn’t work enough, I casually mentioned that I was a blogger.

“A what?” he asked.

“A blogger,” I explained, “I write for an online audience.”

“Really now. So what do you ‘blog’ about?” he asked, complete with quotation fingers. “Oh, social media and motherhood primarily,” I mentioned as I began this adorable thing I do of walking backwards until the distance between us becomes so great that our conversation dies a slow and painful death. Not two feet into my signature back walk did Mr. Almost Stranger say, “So what makes YOU so special?”

SCREECH! I marched forward.

“Excuse me?” I asked, complete with sassy neck roll. “You know, what makes you so special that you have to blog?” he asked condescendingly.

“Everything” I said as I deliberately turned my back and sashayed my ass out of plain sight.

The nerve. What makes me so special? What makes anyone so special? I’ll tell you what; our stories make us special.

Are bloggers supposed to be experts just because they have a blog? If that’s the case then I’m royally screwed. Sure I’m a mom, but that doesn’t mean I wrote the book on motherhood! As far as personal blogging goes, the only thing a blogger needs is to be the authority on their own life.

I’ve encountered mothers with bold opinions and plenty to say. When I suggest they start a blog, they look at me with this “what in the world would I talk about?” look. They even go so far as to say that no one would read it if they did.


I can’t promise that people will agree, but I can promise they’ll listen. We’re all fully qualified to tell our story and every special one of us deserves to be heard.

How do you explain blogging to people who just don’t get it?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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