What Moms Want for Mother's Day 2012

what moms want
For Mother's Day, moms really would like some freedom & time alone.

The pitches from PR firms are already coming in fast and furious in advance of Mother’s Day 2012. Everyone is hoping their product will be the one moms swoon over for the big day. Is it a new handbag? Some perfumed soaps? Designer tweezers?

Nope. We asked 17 social media moms and found that most would really love some rest, some time to themselves and maybe something sentimental representing their kids or even made by them. Anybody got those things for sale? If so, we want ’em.

I’d like to sleep in, completely undisturbed. I’d like a venti nonfat no-foam latte from Starbucks delivered to me steaming hot. And I’d like drawings or stories that come from the minds and hands of my children. Most of the moms we asked felt the same. For all of them, Mother’s Day is less about consumerism and more about relaxation and small tokens of love.

Here’s what our 17 moms told us they want on May 13th.  See how their wishes match up to your dreams for Mother’s Day 2012.

  • Sarah Braesch 1 of 17
    Sarah Braesch
    Sarah would like one night's sleep with nobody touching her, and/or tickets to a Caps playoff game.
    Read more from Sarah at Sarah & the Goon Squad
  • Stephanie Precourt 2 of 17
    Stephanie Precourt
    Stephanie would love: An iPad! A day at the spa (or even just a pedicure)! A day of no kids fighting!
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  • Kim Borchert 3 of 17
    Kim Borchert
    Kim wants a night to herself, "... that includes a spa treatment, dinner, movie, whatever I want. Just me. BUT, since I know that won't happen, I will settle for not having to change any diapers and having my children all get along for just one day."
    Read more from Kim at Prairie Mama
  • Ann Imig 4 of 17
    Ann Imig
    Instead of waiting for someone to make Mother's Day meaningful for Ann, she created Listen To Your Mother, a live reading series that brings communities together and gives voice to stories of motherhood in celebration of Mother's Day. She wants her project to continue reaching new audiences, bringing towns together to pay homage to motherhood--giving Mother's Day a microphone and expanding perspectives on every iteration of mothers and motherhood; the beauty the beast and the barely-rested.
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  • Emily Elling 5 of 17
    Emily Elling
    Emily wants breakfast in bed: "Not because I necessarily love eating food from bed, but I love the look of pride in my kids' faces, and their excitement as they bring me the tray. I love the homemade card, the small dandelion bouquet of flowers, and the pancakes that come with way too much syrup all over them. The meal is always so fun."
    Read more from Emily at Designher Momma
  • Nish Weiseth 6 of 17
    Nish Weiseth
    Nish says she'd love to have just one day with no responsibilities - no cleaning, no diapers, no toddler time-outs, no laundry, no making the bed, no cooking. And, she'd like to enjoy the time away without feeling guilty about it when it's over.
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  • Julie Cole 7 of 17
    Julie Cole
    Julie says moms want what no PR pitch can give them: time to themselves. "I think in traditional households where mom is primary caregiver she needs a break on that day (after some kiddo love). However, on Father's Day, I think Dad should spend the day with the kids in full on dad/kid fun."
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  • Alexandra Rosas 8 of 17
    Alexandra Rosas
    Alexandra says she doesn't want to have to step even one inch into the kitchen, "... starting sunup to sundown on that day. If that means my family gets fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 3 white bags of burgers that Daddy brings home from Butterburgers, 'sallfine with me."
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  • Jenna Hatfield 9 of 17
    Jenna Hatfield
    Jenna wants all three of her children together in the same place at the same time. "It won't happen, but it's always what I want -- every Mother's Day. Everyday."
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  • Fadra Nally 10 of 17
    Fadra Nally
    Fadra told us she wants a nice day with her family. "That's it. Usually a nice brunch. Maybe a day at the zoo. But it's a day for me to really focus on how happy I am being a mom and how glad I am that it's possible for me. I don't need a special day of honor in the traditional sense. My birthday is great for gifts and such. But if my family did buy me something, I'd love for it to be more symbolic than anything (like a special bracelet with my son's name or something)."
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  • Alena Chandler 11 of 17
    Alena Chandler
    Alena says she'd love a necklace with a token for each child. "Not their names, but initials, or perhaps the latitude and longitude of where they were born. Something sentimental." She adds that she does not want, "... bejeweled vaseline, or an alarm clock that wakes me up with chirping, or a coffee mug that changes colors when it's cold. None of those things."
    Read more from Alena at Charmingly Chandler
  • Victoria Mason 12 of 17
    Victoria Mason
    Victoria asks for and gets the same thing every year, and she's happy about that. "I wake up when I want to, go for a run, do not cook and basically come and go as I please. I get to eat all my meals hot and not have to get up from the table until I am done. Last year I went to my friend's house and drank wine on her deck while eating Doritos. Classy, I know, but fun. It was fantastic. That's Mother's Day to me- a day off."
    Read more from Victoria at The Mummy Chronicles
  • Katie Sluiter 13 of 17
    Katie Sluiter
    Katie wants to stay at home. "I'd LOVE a day with my family instead of having to run all over town to see our mothers. Is that bad? Oh well, then it's bad. I just want to stay in, have some Starbucks and perhaps some other yummy treats, and maybe get flowers from my boys. Just a simple day."
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  • Becky Harks 14 of 17
    Becky Harks
    Becky has few needs: "I'd like to sleep in and/or get a day off."
    Read more from Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka
  • Suzanne Stanard 15 of 17
    Suzanne Stanard
    Suzanne says the ultimate gift for Mother's Day is time. "I'd love to be sent out of the house for a pedicure, quiet lunch with my book and, dare I dream it, a movie. Just a few hours to myself. For myself. Followed, of course by a raucous reunion with my kids and whatever treasures their little hands created."
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  • Sharon DeVellis 16 of 17
    Sharon DeVellis
    Sharon wants time in the form of browsing at her favorite bookstore. "Words are an important part of my life so every year I ask for the same Mother's Day gift a Chapter's gift card and the chance to spend a few hours browsing the store by myself. The real gift is having the time to discover new authors and books."
    Read more from Sharon DeVellis at Yummy Mummy Club
  • Julia Roberts 17 of 17
    Julia Roberts
    Julia would like a weekend by herself but she'd settle for a 4-hour nap on a Sunday, all thanks to her husband. From her kids she'd like art, "... that they put some love and thought into, be it pottery, picture or a braided bracelet."
    Read more from Julia at Kidneys and Eyes

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