What Mother Most Inspires You? "Mominate" Her!

Activist Aminatou Haidar, one of Babble's 100 Mominees

We all know the celeb moms who grace magazine covers for their ability to squeeze back into a pair of size-two jeans six weeks after giving birth, or the reality star moms who garner attention via the “train wreck factor.” But what about another kind of notable mom: those who inspire us by thinking big and making changes in the world around us?

Babble is striving to recognize those moms with their new campaign, “Mominations.” The goal? To shine a spotlight on those inspiring moms; noteworthy activists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, politicians, executives, and other leaders who are making a difference and acting as impressive role models for ourselves and our daughters.

Babble’s nominating panel, comprised of journalists, bloggers, politicians, filmmakers and more, compiled an initial list of 100 influential moms. But they want to hear from you, too. Maybe there’s a mom in your community who is doing great things, but isn’t quite on the national radar yet. Or a mother you know online started a nonprofit and you’d like to help her get the word out. Mominate an inspiring mother you know, and she’ll have the chance to win $5,000 for her favorite cause.

What mother inspires you to think big, take action and make the world a better place?

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