What Should I Blog About?


This is part of an ongoing series here at MomCrunch, see part 1 and part 2 for more talk on writer’s block and more prompts!

Do you need a little help with ideas this week? Maybe you just need to get writing something so you can push past the blockage in your mind, or perhaps you are just looking for some fun new content?

Here are this week’s prompt to help dust off that creative in you:

1.  Describe a “first” (first apartment, first kiss, first time driving a car, first lie, first big success, first roller coaster ride, first time in this setting). Include as many details as possible, being sure to include an aspect relating to each of the five senses.

2.  Poems, or lyrics to songs are often times great sparks for an idea. Both rely heavily on images conveyed in words that can stir your imagination. They also usually hint at a broader story, or portray an emotional state. Try picking up a book of poems or lyrics and see if anything speaks to you.

3. Finish this thought and start writing: A twinkling eye can mean many things. The one that is twinkling at me right now…

4.  Imagine a scene you might observe only if you were invisible and write what happens.

5.  Describe what somebody sees while looking through a window — but the description must include not only what they see but also their emotions while they’re looking at it.