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This is part of an ongoing series here at MomCrunch, see here and here for more talk on writer’s block and more prompts!

“Your most brilliant ideas come in a flash, but the flash comes only after a lot of hard work.  Nobody gets a big idea when he is not relaxed, and nobody gets a big idea when he is relaxed all the time.” — Edward Blakeslee

Open an encyclopedia to a random page (or if you don’t have an encyclopedia at home – who does anymore?! go to google and click “I feel lucky”) and read a random entry. You might get one good detail (the “sacred ibis” was revered in ancient Egypt) or a whole line of exploration (St. Dunstan’s, a British organization that cares for those blinded in war, was founded by a blind newspaper owner) to shake you out of your writer’s block stupor.

Waking up the left brain with some random facts can often give a nice refreshing “breath” of fresh air to the right brain. Good luck!

Hat tip to the book The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood for the writing inspirations!


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