What Should I Blog About In 2012?


Perhaps you’re the type that likes to plan out blog ideas, or maybe you just like scratching them out on any random piece of paper you can find (like the crazy artist you are).

I think it’s a great idea to jot down (even if only mentally) some ideas and writing prompts for the new year. I’ve enjoyed finding prompts for you each week, and will continue to in 2012! Check out our past posts on this topic for more ideas in case you missed them.

Here is a list of our writing prompts so far:

Part 1 – Three traditional creative writing prompts that are fun without being intimidating.

Part 2 – These prompts make you stretch that creative mind a bit further into the abstract.

Part 3 – These 4 images can prompt amazing blog posts – see how interesting you can be with them!

Part 4 – Here are 4 ideas to help you get your brain in the “write” direction.

Part 5 – Finding a stray key can unlock old stories in you.

Part 6 – This tip on how to find a prompt will be great for your writer’s tool box!

Part 7 – How to write about the holidays in a unique way.

Part 8 – Writing as if it’s the future – what would you say?



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