What Should I Blog About?


This is part of an ongoing series here at MomCrunch, see part 1 here for more talk on writer’s block and more prompts!

Do you need a little help with ideas this week? Maybe you just need to get writing something so you can push past the blockage in your mind, or perhaps you are just looking for some fun new content?

Here are this week’s prompt to help dust off that creative in you:

1.  Write about something un-remarkable in your life. {we tend to think nothing is worth writing about unless there is something “special” about it — what about highlighting something completely mundane, and making it interesting with your words?}

2.  Use the following verbs {yes these can all be verbs!} in a post: racket, snug, green, spoon, boggle, snake.

3.  You found an abandoned roll of film in the street and you developed it. Write about what you see.


Good luck! Feel free to link up any posts here that are inspired from these prompts. Remember to just start writing — you don’t need to publish the finished product, you don’t need to edit, just go!

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