What Time is Earth Hour? Why Your Family Should Turn Off Tonight


Tonight, all over the world, lights will be turned off. Not for bedtime. Not because the residents are going out for a night on the town. Switches will be in the off position to celebrate Earth Hour 2011. And it’s not just your neighbor and your cousin in Chicago who will be turning off, but some very significant landmarks will turn off the lights. The Empire State Building, the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Eiffel Tower will go dark for an hour tonight.

What time is Earth Hour and why are families and cities everywhere turning off in the first place?

Earth Hour is scheduled to take place from 8:30 to 9:30 in your local time zone. Last year 128 countries participated with millions of civilians turning it all off.   What is the deal with Earth Hour?

It is for people to unite in a symbolic gesture to “show of support for action against climate change and for energy conservation in general.”

“Let us join together to celebrate this shared quest to protect the planet and ensure human well-being,” a statement said. “Let us use 60 minutes of darkness to help the world see the light.”

It makes for a nice lesson for our children, to discuss energy issues and to make do without TV, video games and lights for an hour.  Will you be turning off this year?

Photo: Flickr Funships

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