What Time Is It? An Important Question for Moms & Dads AKA the Timekeepers


What Time Is It?When you were single and fancy free, it really didn’t matter if you were an hour late to this or that. But once you grew up and had a family, time becomes increasingly important. Not just the savoring of each precious moment with your offspring, but in more practical ways like making sure they are on time for school, soccer practice or swim class. As a parent you become the taskmaster and the all important timekeeper.

So when a wrench is thrown into the works like Daylight Savings Time, we don’t just have to readjust our own bodies and internal clocks but we have to guide our girls and boys into adjusting too. Monday morning after the time change can be the hardest day to manage. For many it basically feels like you are waking up and shuttling to school an hour earlier.

There are always those families who forget to set their clocks on Sunday. And those who just are slow to change. Will you be one of the those or do you manage the change for you and your family like a seasoned family manager?

And for the time RIGHT now you can check out current and correct time here.

Image:  Flickr Cookieearter2008