What To Do If It IS Swine Flu


swine-flu1Ok, so I have a tendency to freak right out over every little thing. Admitted. And having kids, especially one with some asthma-ish problems, has made me more than a little germophobic and panicky over every sniffle.

Take that into consideration when I tell you I am majorly freaked out over swine flu. The vaccine just became available here, and the city I live in tells me they have no schedule for distributing it yet. Not to mention our pediatrician’s office keeps running out of the seasonal flu vaccine.

So this story about how to handle swine flu if it does strike your family helped chill me out. Especially since the third sentence in is “don’t panic” and notes that it’s usually a mild disease for most people (corroborated by my SD colleague Cary Fagan, who tells me some of her friend’s kids had it and it was mostly like an evil cold). The advice is to stay home if you or your kids are sick (that means everything, not just school) and give them rest and fluids. It also includes tips on what’s an emergency (fast or troubled breathing, for one thing) and what to do if you’re a caregiver of someone with swine flu. This is a simple and brilliant idea: if you’re holding your sick kid, put their chin on your shoulder versus your chest so they can’t cough in your face. As someone who gets EVERYTHING my kids bring home from school, I wish I’d thought of that, um, four years ago.

We’re lining up this weekend to try to get our little ones the shot. Untl we can, though, this is very reassuring. If you’re someone who freaks like I do, I’d recommend bookmarking it until spring.