What Was Your Favorite Social Media Or Technology Story This Year?


It was a big year in Social Media, 2012. What was the biggest story this year? Was it the Facebook purchase of Instagram? The growth in popularity of Google+ (oh, what, it did grow)? Facebook privacy violations? The spat between Twitter and Facebook and Instagram?

Or maybe you’re more interested in tech. What gadget got your heart racing this year? The iPhone 5? The growth in mobile? The explosion in tablet options?

I think the biggest story is the solidification of marketing and social media; some might even call it a takeover. The social media world grew more and more noisy with Twitter parties, Facebook contests, sponsored content, the death cries of CPM ads, and basically any other way that business can use public social media space for advertising.

Social media has become a world of digital billboards.

But tell me: what do you think the biggest news of the year was? Share in the comments.


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