What We Can All Learn From This Kid's Adorable To-Do List

Revamp Your To-Do List

I totally have to-do list envy.  My personal list includes such un-fun tasks as laundry, working, dishes, phone calls, bills, and unclogging the basement sink.  A child’s to-do list – when and if they create one – is a thing of beauty. It is simple, fun, basic and something that every single adult should learn from.  On dad shared his son’s to-do list, which has since gone viral. How awesome is this child’s list?

Check it out here:

I love that sing a tune or song is listed. And when was the last time you got intentionally dizzy?

This could be a good wake up call to us all. To add onto our to-do lists things like “play” or “draw.” I, for one, don’t make enough time for those simple sweet things that make life so pleasurable. But if I made it a task, perhaps I’d make it a priority and not forget to stop and smell the proverbial flowers.

Do you put fun things on your to-do list or is it all business?

Images from IStockphoto and Imgur (via Boing Boing)

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