What We're Babbling About: April 29, 2010


• Lenore Skenazy is at it again, telling hovering parents to land the helicopter.  This time, she’s asking the question:  Do we really have to play with our kids? on   Momversation.  Her fellow moms agree with her, sort of.

• Studies show that 1 in 100 children are affected by autism, and that number is even higher for boys.  On Parents Ask, Dr. Robert Sears alerts parents to the warning signs of autism, and you can read more about early detection of autism on Babble.

• It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  Real parents know that along with the joy of parenthood comes some real sacrifices — sleep, your old body, and maybe a little sanity.  Read Her Bad Mother’s 10 Things I Hate About Motherhood.  And when you’re done, be sure to check out LilSugar’s 50 Things All Moms Should Consider.

• A friend or loved one’s baby is in the NICU, and you aren’t sure what to do.  ParentDish has some tips on how to help, including arranging meals and house cleaning, screening calls and messages, and being a personal delivery service.

• It’s a parent’s lament:  Time keeps marching on, even when we wish it would pause — just for a moment.  A mother contemplates her daughter as she nears adulthood in The Archaeology of My Daughter’s Coming of Age at Blogher.

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