What We're Babbling About: April 30, 2010


  • Big Love‘s Amanda Seyfried says she doesn’t like the way Hollywood handles the very real and very tough issue of miscarriage, and that she feels like her character, Sarah, wasn’t allowed to live up to her potential because of it.  — Jezebel
  • This is interesting:  Stress during pregnancy affects male and female babies differently.  Boys keep growing happily, while girls’ growth slows down.  But if there is a secondary stressor, a female baby is more likely to keep growing at the slower rate, while a boy baby is put at risk of complication. — Eureka Alert
  • A video by Human Rights Watch called In Silence:  Maternal Mortality in India was just nominated for a 2010 Webby.  Watch it, then go vote. —
  • Here’s a well kept secret I just learned myself: As kids get older, parents get busier. Sure, babies need 24 hour care, but the needs of grade schoolers are a lot more complex. — Work It, Mom!
  • Diapers cost 20 to 30 cents a piece, and a newborn goes through about 60 a week. Enter Help a Mother Out, and organization that works to provide diapers to mothers who can’t afford them. In honor of Mother’s Day, they’ll kick of a month-long campaign. — Blogher

Photo: cstova, Flickr

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