What We're Babbling About: May 12, 2010


  • Dentists recommend that parents help with teeth brushing until kids turn six. That’s a lot of year of twice-daily battles if your kid doesn’t like to brush. Here are some teeth brushing tips from Parents Ask expert Dr. Cara Natterson. — Parents Ask
  • A sixth grade boy performs Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” for classmates, while a few of his classmates swoon. The net Justin Bieber? — Jezebel
  • Two kids in a two bedroom home — there’s just no easy solution, especially when the babes are infants or toddlers.  Here are some tips on making the most of your space without dragging your own mattress out into the living room. — Rookie Moms
  • It always seems like a good idea, but garage sales are a lot of work.  And if they aren’t done right, they’re a lot of work for little money.  Make your spring garage sale a success with these tips.  — Momma Said
  • Summer is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy life together as a family.  If you’re feeling a little detached after a busy year of school and activities, here are five ways to build togetherness as a family. — Eco Child’s Play

Photo: Lars Plougmann, Flickr

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