What We're Babbling About: May 14, 2010


  • Thinking of taking the kids to the new Robin Hood movie? See the Parents Ask review and think again. Their take is that it’s not for kids.
  • You’ve been trying forever for another baby, while your friends are popping out kids left and right. Over at Babycenter, they’re calling it Fetus Envy. It’s a tough issue to deal with, but they’ve got some tips. — Momformation.
  • A surprising 25 percent of women in a recent study responded that they don’t care whether they get pregnant or not. But 71 percent of women reported that they definitely did not get pregnant right now. Jezebel has a great discussion on when it’s appropriate for doctors to treat women as potentially pregnant (the 25 percent group and those who are actively trying) and when they should just treat them like women. — Jezebel
  • Is it feminism if we all go out and work because we can, or if we stay home or don’t stay home because we have that choice?  Her Bad Mother gets a mean comment on Facebook that makes it very clear that the issue isn’t solved, yet, in everyone’s minds. — Her Bad Mother
  • A 12-year-old and her friends take their siblings, ages 7, 8, and 3 to the mall. Later, when the three younger kids are left standing at the cosmetics counter while the older girls try on clothes, the mother is arrested for neglect. Appropriate or overkill? — Free Range Kids
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