What We're Babbling About: May 19. 2010


No end in sight for peanut-free schools:  Peanut allergies in kids tripled between 1997 and 2008.  There are two theories:  the old stand-by hygiene hypothesis and a new one:  Roasting peanuts may make them a more allergenic food. — WebMD

Find yourself squirming every time dinner rolls around?  Maybe you’re afraid of your kitchen.  Here are some tips for overcoming your kitchen phobia so you can enjoy cooking healthy meals for your family. — Momlogic

Parents know that there need to be a limit on eating junk food, but if you’re struggling with the how, here’s some expert help. — Parents Ask

Feel good news of the day:  John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting!  No news on a due date, but the couple says it was just too hard to keep their joy a secret. — LilSugar

Here’s something for you pregnant moms to think about:  Don’t buy nursing bras or tops.  Underwires are out, of course, but one mom says that simple cotton bras will do. — Eco Child’s Play

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