What We're Babbling About: May 24, 2010


Strapped for cash, Duchess of York “Fergie” tries to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew to an undercover reporter posing as a wealthy business man for $718,000, reports Reuters. She’s since apologized for her “serious lapse in judgment.”

What happens when you give a four-month-old baby Pop Rocks? Save your money (and your conscience), because Baby Beckett has already tried them. Video at Jezebel.

Summer sun means summer sun, so it’s time to plan ahead for how you’re going to take care of your skin. Parents ask has their top five must-have tinted moisturizers and foundations for summer. What’s yours?

Move over little red race car bed, there’s a new theme in town: The Throwdown cage bed for kids at Bloody Elbow. If it came with a fourth side and a top, then we’d be in business.

Sick bullying story of the day: A special needs boy is lured by “friends” into the basement of a home, where an inappropriate image is tattooed on his backside. Then kids spend the next day passing around the picture on their cell phones until the perpetrators are caught. — CNN

Photo: GuitarStrummer56, Flickr