What We're Babbling About: May 3, 2010


  • Prenatal memory — do you think it’s real?  One mom is left wondering after an interesting conversation with her five-year-old about what it was like before she was born.  — The Stir
  • Chelsea Clinton asks Bill Clinton to lose 15 pounds for her upcoming wedding.  That’s one scenario when honesty isn’t the best policy.  At least say it’s for his heart, Chelsea! — FitSugar
  • It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, which is why my kids showed up at school with homemade cards and a box full of Timbits.  But what happens if you don’t get along with your child’s teacher?  Do you still have to participate? — Momlogic
  • Economic downturn means fewer planned pregnancies which leads to less money for makers of pregnancy tests.  First Response plans to turn things around with a reality show.  Sponsored by TLC, A Conception Story follows women who are trying to get pregnant.  — Jezebel
  • We’re all watching the oil spill spread in the Gulf, and with no clear solution yet in sight, the situation is only getting worse.  Help your kids resolve their emotions over this disaster by helping out.  Here are four animal rescue groups that are taking donations right now.  – Whoa, Momma!
  • Chances are your school-aged kids have either planted a flower or made a popsicle stick picture frame to give to you on Mother’s Day.  Now what are you going to give yourself?  Learn how to inject your life with more happiness with the Mother’s Day Happiness Challenge.  —  Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids
  • Photo: jsome1, Flickr

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