What We're Babbling About: May 4, 2010


  • Excited to see the movie Babies? Joel Schwartzberg isn’t. He writes: “….If any of us get the urge to see cute babies in action, all we have to do is attend a Mommy & Me play group, visit a Build-a-Bear, or pick up an Anne Geddes book.” Will you see it? — Huffington Post
  • Once kids learn to spell, having conversations above their head just doesn’t work anymore. Modern parents have come up with their own solution: texting and IMing each other, even while in the house. What do you think about this new form of communication? — Associated Press
  • In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s The Year in Motherhood. Can you find your favorite parenting news story on their? — The Stir
  • A recent study found that when one twin is significantly bigger than the other, the larger twin is at risk of developing behavior problems.  Researchers theorize that it’s due to the larger twin learning to dominate the smaller one, or more parental time devoted to a smaller twin with greater needs. — Parentdish
  • You don’t want to find out, but it’s still fun to guess.  Here are 38 fun ways to try and guess the sex of your unborn baby without ruining the surprise. — iVillage

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