What Will Happen To Michael Jackson's Kids?


blog300409_mjOne of the first questions that I thought of upon hearing that Michael Jackson had died was —what will happen to the kids? For an intents and purposes, Michael Jackson was a single parent.

Michael Jackson leaves behind 12-year old Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and 7-year-old Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II (yeah, no ego in play when naming the kids). The mother of two of his two older children, Debbie Rowe, gave up all her parental rights not once, but twice and she is not in line to take custody. There have been reports that she may get temporary custody until long-term guardians are confirmed. The youngest child “Blanket” was supposedly carried by an anonymous surrogate mother. And there have been some allegations that have arose that the children look absolutely nothing like him but Jackson had publically claimed that he was indeed the father.  During his the notorious 2003 interview with Martin Bashir, Jackson stated: “I used a surrogate mother (for Blanket) and my own sperm cells. I had my own sperm cells in my other two children. They are all my children.”

If the biological mothers or Jackson’s family don’t immediately come to take care of the children there’s always their godparents. Mark Lester (the star of Oliver), the godfather of one or two of the children, told MSNBC that he is ready to fulfill his godfatherly duties saying “I’m here for them 24/7, so whatever they need, they’ll get from me.” Also it is reported that Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin are godparents to the older children as well. And Michael Jackson just happens to be the godfather to celebrity Nicole Ritchie and to Barry Gibb’s son Michael.

Similar to Michael Jackson’s “ex-wife” Lisa Marie Presley childhood, Jackson’s three children will be growing up in a microscope with the memory of their Dad a worldwide cultural icon – always haunting them. The children have already had what I’m sure is a surreal existence. Wearing masks when in public, traveling the world, and well…having Michael Jackson as a Dad.

Who do you think the children should go to? Their biological mothers? Michael Jackson’s family? Or to the Godparents?

Below is footage of Jackson and the kids shopping at Ed Hardy: