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What Women Need: A F**ket List via Babble
Karen Exkorn

I am on the edge of hitting the biggest milestone of my life, chronologically speaking. It’s strange to say the least, mostly because I feel like I’m about 28 on most days and probably about 18 on really good days.

When I was in my twenties, one of my relatives was turning forty and she confided in me that she had never felt better in her life. In fact, she felt the most confident and joyful approaching her fourth decade. It was inspiring but seemed so far away, it didn’t matter a whole lot to me at the time. Now, it seems like that was yesterday.

When I think of how I’ve changed in the last twenty years, I know that every challenge and setback fully prepared me to move on to the next step, both personally and professionally. I ‘wouldn’t trade nothing for my journey now’ as author Maya Angelou says.

I am so much more willing to take chances, embark on new endeavors, but also not hesitate to say goodbye to things (and even people) who bring stress to my life. That is something I have only recently learned.

As a writer, when I read about Karen Exkorn, who at the age of 52 wrote a parody of “50 Shades of Gray” called Fifty Two Shades of Blue-ish, “a story about a nice Jewish virgin, Rachel, who falls in love with her handsome hunk of Jew, a man who hungers for more than just matzah balls”, I was intrigued. Then when I learned that this very talented and funny writer has created a “F**ket List” on her website, I immediately wanted to be her friend.

Here is how Exkorn describes it:

We’re all familiar with the Bucket List, that list that we’re supposed to compile with all of the dreams and goals we hope to accomplish before we die. But let’s face it, anything that includes the word “die” in it isn’t all that fun.

So that’s why I’ve created the F**ket List.  The F**ket List is the list that you create and fulfill now.  Or next week.  Or in the next year.  It’s the list that you don’t have to wait your entire lifetime to achieve.

The first step in making a F**ket list is, naturally, “Just say “F**ket!” I mean how else will you be able to accomplish all the rest of the items if you can’t do this first. Exkorn’s personal list includes “eat popcorn and ice cream for dinner”, “flash a truck driver”, and “go on a date with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler”, all of which she has already accomplished. Some of her friends items include more lofty aspirations like sing on a Broadway stage, and even have an orgasm during sex.

While the individual items don’t really matter, the idea behind the F**ket list is brilliant. Sure, it can be “Just do it” or “Go for it” or even “Carpe Diem” for that matter, but there is something about that four letter word which can express a distinct feeling that no other word can. And the fact that it speaks to a woman who has reached a certain point in her life in which she can honestly no longer care what anyone thinks is beautiful, powerful and sexy.

So among the things on my F**ket List are to drink more, leave the house dirty once in a while, and have more laughs with the gals. But there are also higher aspirations, like finish my memoir and not worry about what people will think when they read it.

I mean f**k it, let the fun begin.

Image: Fifty Two Shades of Blue-ish


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